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Intercoin is the next step in the evolution of money.

Just as the Internet is a global network that connects local networks, Intercoin is a global currency platform that enables communities around the world to issue and manage their own currency, to circulate among their local population. Intercoin enables fintech innovation on the local community level, leading to stronger communities, greater sustainability, less poverty, and more productivity. Intercoin picks up where BTC and ETH left off, building a platform that's not just secure, but scalable too.

Voluntary Basic Income

Thanks to Intercoin, every member of a community can receive a periodic “airdrop” of money they can use on necessities. This UBI can be funded by outside donors, or by the community democratically voting to gradually inflate their internal money supply. Community currencies powered by Intercoin enable communities to help their own, without waiting for the Federal Government, and without disincentivizing paid work. The arrangement is completely voluntary and democratic.

Money Analytics and Insights

Intercoin‘s architecture enables programmable coins with a variety of applications. Merchants can add tags like “books”, “food” or “clothing” to their products, and authorized users can see statistics on how money was spent. Experts can analyze the local economy. Donors and investors can have more confidence. Everyone in the community can have a real time Consumer Price Index to inform their democratic decision making, and address issues like rising prices or shrinking wages.

Elections and Governance

Intercoin is built to help democratize power to the people and their local communities. Cryptography enables people to hold secure and private elections about any matter of community governance, and could even be used for securely tallying and reporting results for national elections. Intercoin has also pioneered Provably Random Polling that is unaffected by poor voter turnout or spoiler effects. It can be used to continuously adjust levers of monetary policy, such as how much UBI to issue the next day.

Fundraising and Liquidity

Intercoin’s programmable coins are designed to help groups raise money for a new project or initiative, in a way that is compliant with regulations. Coins can represent securities that obey individual rules, like not being sold to US residents for 40 days. Purchased coins can contain rules that govern how they are to be spent and when they can be cashed out. And Intercoin itself is designed to provide full trustless liquidity between any currency pairs, removing the need to list coins on exchanges to enable secondary trading.

A New Kind of Payment Network

Today, large corporations act as middlemen for our everyday online communications and transactions. Often, they work hand in hand with governments. In the last few years, these centralized social networks have all launched payment networks. Bitcoin and Ethereum have not been scalable enough to compete. The team behind Intercoin spent the last decade creating an open, web-based, decentralized social platform to rival Facebook and Google. Now they can use it to roll out a revolutionary payment platform on top. If decentralized crypto doesn’t soon gain mainstream adoption, to power everyday payments, it‘ll be Facebook and WeChat’s world — we’ll just live in it.

Community and Loyalty

Intercoin’s team spent the last decade helping communities release apps to unite their members and coordinate social activity. Now communities can release currencies to coordinate economic activity. They represent a soft but voluntary power — encouraging people to spend the currency on local goods and services that accept it — or to support the community with small fees when cashing out unused coins. Towns already do this to battle globalism, and festivals can create an extended online community that transacts on their own year-round.

Superpowers for Any Currency

Ethereum smart contracts enable Intercoin to be traded against Bitcoin, ETH, as well as a growing set of tokens pegged to your favorite fiat currency. Intercoin can be used to turn these into virtual versions of Bitcoin or USD that have all the advanced features of Intercoin community currencies: They would finally be spendable in everyday payments, be programmable, instantly convertible, generate analytics, and much more. When done, people can cash out back into the original versions. Think of Intercoin as a decentralized “layer 2” solution that isn’t controlled by anyone.

Sound Money, Individual Choice

Communities issue their own currency backed by Intercoin. They can choose to inflate the circulating supply of their own money, to spend on internal projects, or they can choose to tax certain transactions and remove money from circulation. These activities deterministiclly change the exchange rate of the community’s local money to Intercoin, without affecting the other communities or the rest of the Intercoin ecosystem. Each community can choose its own policies and openly program them into their coins. Each individual can choose what coins to get and how to spend them, with upfront knowledge of what they’re getting into.

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Powering currencies for all kinds of communities:


Empowering People

Uniting Communities

Growing Businesses

Community leaders
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Available nodes

Why Intercoin?

Many years after Bitcoin was introduced, crypto is still not scalable enough to power everyday payments for people. Thus it has not gone mainstream. The world needs a project like Intercoin to emerge. If everyday payments are processed by companies like WeChat, Facebook, Amazon, we the people will never be secure in our ability to pay for things. The main purpose of Intercoin is to facilitate payments, and finally bring crypto mainstream.

Feature Bitcoin Ethereum Intercoin
Transactions Per Second 7 15 Practically Unlimited
Sharded / Scalable No No Yes
Supports Multiple Currencies No Yes Yes
Supports StableCoins / Pegs No Yes Yes
General Purpose Computing No Yes Yes
Web Integration / DApps No Yes Yes
Compatible With Regulations No No Yes
Wallets Are Storing... UTXOs Balances Coins
Consensus Based On... Proof of Work Proof of Work Proof of Corruption


Greg Magarshak

Founder, Decentralized Web Architect

Jason Page

Co-Founder, Crypto Markets Expert

Ksenia Jury

Marketing & Business Development

Felipe Bayan

Media Director

Igor Martsekha

Native App Developer

Don Reid

Investor Relations

Andrey Tepaykin

Javascript & Node Developer

Ivan Alekseev

Visual Designer

Sunny Uberoi

Communications Strategist


Warren Mosler

MMT Economist

Sara Hanks

CEO, Crowdcheck

Dallas Johnston

CEO, Credify

Petar Maymounkov

Inventor of Kademlia


The Five Phases
    • Community Pilot Projects
    • Community Platform Launch
    • Token Offering
    • Go-to-market
    • Intercoin Private Alpha
    • Intercoin Public Beta
    • Intercoin Worldwide Launch
    • Launch of Local CPI
    • Launch of Governance
    • Launch of Basic Income
    • Launch of Fundraising

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